Thank you for taking the time to check out my work! I take full pride in what I do and I’m honored to have your consideration for a possible partnership. I place high value in taking ownership of my work and enjoy focusing on helping small companies hit the ground running in their prospective competitive industries, whether it be creating a brand new web presence or helping a client refine what they’ve already established.

I specialize in front-end web design and development with a focus on WordPress and Shopify. I also offer logo design/branding and copywriting. Scroll on down to learn more about me!

I am a native of San Luis Obispo, California, and was introduced to computers in grade school, learning basic skills like typing in third grade. I’ve always been a creative, starting off with all kinds of art mediums such as painting, ceramics, sketching and so much more. I feel lucky to have a huge eye for detail and a strong creative license, as well as an eye for composition and a smooth user experience through effective layouts, use of color and emphasis on the right elements to help lead the eyes around a piece of work with a message to tell.

Growing up around music, I have experience playing trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, guitar and bass guitar. Today, creating happy vibes as a DJ (aptly named Luna Jay) is also a specialty, spinning house and techno in clubs since 2008 and festivals like Lucidity Festival since 2017. Just as I thrive off making my clients happy by helping them build their identity, I enjoy building a dance floor experience to help others feel comfortable in theirs for a moment.

I’m also a huge fitness buff, splitting my free time between weight lifting at the gym, yoga, running our local trails and circus arts (aerial silks, pole fitness and lyra).

As a class of 2006 graduate of the California Polytechnic State University Graphic Communication department, I have been a professional web developer and graphic designer for over 15 years. However, my web development journey began in 1998 at the birth of HTML and the internet as we know it. I learned on my own by creating fan sites for some of my favorite bands and it quickly clicked into a new hobby. I am so excited to be taking my experience and expertise learned from working for various companies in the industry for all these years and embarking on my own freelance journey.

Although I first learned to code in 1998 from scratch, I’ve since been embracing the world of content management systems to give more power to the client by taking my coding skills to the back end of WordPress and Shopify to create custom brand experiences. I’ve also worked closely with programmers using PHP and Javascript to create interactive UX/UI experiences such as this website pictured for GPS Root, a website created for Lezyne to showcase activities uploaded from GPS trackers.

I have also had a fascination and talent with creative writing, and entered the style blogging world in 2013 with Denimology.com before starting my own blog, Decadent Dissonance. This helped me develop my skills in building brand relationships as well as content creation and copywriting, as I helped feature and review top new styles from several premium denim and sustainable apparel brands. Through my experience I’ve noticed content is often a challenge for clients to provide, so I always enjoy offering full consulting to best understand their company and mission to help create effective, attention-grabbing content.

While I don’t limit the types of industries I will work within (I’m a fast learner), I have extensive knowledge in, and/or experience creating websites and content for, the fashion, art, yoga/fitness, music/festival, luxury housing and extreme sports/sporting goods industries.

Lezyne - GPS Root

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